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Oomami Bondi

'OOMARG' - Listo x Oomami Collab

'OOMARG' - Listo x Oomami Collab

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Bondi's best chilli oil, Oomami, has paired up with the legends of LISTO to create their spin on the Spicy Marg: the 'OOMARGARITA'. Think spicy, salty, sweet, limey and ooooomami! This heat packed number has been tried, tested and perfected for you to shake up and enjoy.

Each pack has enough to shake up 8 OOMARGARITAS (BYO tequila). Pack includes:

  • 1 x Tommy's Margarita Mix (360ml)
  • 20g Spiced Salt (salt, gochugaru, citrus, sugar)
  • 50ml Chilli Oil (olive oil, chilli, salt)
  • Recipe Postcard

Once your glass is empty, drizzle the remaining oil over savoury dishes (use sparingly - it's potent!). Sprinkle the remaining salt over cut fruit for a sweet/savoury treat.



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